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event signage
event signage

Cardinal Ventures Website
Web design is not my go-to. But if Addison Hall is the programmer/partner, I'm in. He's the real deal, start to finish guy. A talented designer and programmer. Full Cardinal Ventures site here.

Blackledge Face Center

 magazine ad

online promo

logos that didn't make it

These guys aren't going to live out in the world, so putting them here.

vibe now


Poster for a concert at my church. Sorry if you missed it, it was fabulous.

New web overhaul for The Blake in Malbis, Township & Gulf Breeze (and coming soon to Lakeland). Addison Hall did the programming for this site-he is great to work with.


 A nifty way to bring dimension to a brochure. This was done for Wells Marble.


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Planters Bank

party time

Make your parties fabulous with a little magic from the party pixie.

springtime at the zoo

young architecture

Logo for Harrison Young, architect extraordinaire.

Zoo Party 2010

Logo created for the annual Zoo Party. Saturday, October 16, 2010. Should be fun, an 80's band!

willow 166

I created this logo & business card design for a show store in Cleveland, MS (166 is the address). The decor of the shop is nature inspired, sounds like a beautiful store. Hope to get there soon.

life in order

I designed this logo & stationery for Jennifer Heidelberg ( She is starting a new biz-home organization. This is a gift for sure-one that alludes me. Here is her description of what she does, as you can tell from the write-up, if you were going to sort through your closet; it could actually be fun with her:

I would rather organize than sleep. Seriously. I love it. I would rather buy containers and bins than clothes. I would buy containers for my containers if my husband would let me.......
BUT - I have nothing left to organize at my house, so I am ready to unleash my crazy on the rest of the world! I want you to hire me to get your life in address the clutter and organize what matters. I want you to feel like YOU control your stuff and not the other way around. Jennifer Heidelberg

cabot lodge ads

Above are a few ads I have done for Cabot Lodge. I've been so happy about this partnership and have enjoyed working with this great Mississippi-owned company. And props to Wes Williams, the copywriter on these.

the Blake at Township

An eblast I designed for The Blake at Township, a top notch retirement community in Ridgeland, MS. This development is being headed up by Cardinal Ventures (comprising of Michael Heidelberg, Edgar McKee, Mack Mitchell & Harrison Young). A great group of guys to work with (I need to say this because Mack is my brother-in-law).


ZooBrew "logo" I created to promote this fun event at the Jackson Zoo. And in zoo news, the tigers have a new space now, waterfalls, 8000 square feet, 10 times the area it was. Roar.

seersuckers & sombreros

An evite I designed for a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Central MS. They watch the Kentucky Derby and pre-celebrate for Cinco de Mayo.

backroom boutique

I created this logo for the ladies who own La Di Da in Canton. They are opening a clothing section in the back part of the store call Back Room Boutique. I loved this chance to do this logo for them. It is a great gift shop located on the square in Canton. Check out their new boutique!